Greetings ICO Community,

Big thanks to everyone who attended our volunteer appreciation and informational event on Saturday, November 18th at Bastyr Center For Natural Health! I am forever grateful for our compassionate volunteers, those who want to get involved, and the resilient communities we support. ICO has plans to increase its efforts in 2018 to combat health inequity in King County. Our plans include:

  • Expanding our services at Peace for the Streets By Kids on the Streets (PSKS) under leadership of Dr. Jenna Rayachoti.
  • Opening two new monthly clinic sites (looking into YWCA and Mary’s Place)
  • Increasing clinic offerings from once to twice per month.
  • Creating a more integrative medical team by bringing aboard students and volunteers from the UW medical system.
  • Bringing aboard student interns from Seattle University and UW to help with video production, administrative goals, and gain valuable community clinic experience.
  • Expanding our grant writing team and initiatives to secure sustainable funding.
  • Creating stability within the org by establishing ICO’s first full-time paid employee to serve as the Executive Director.
  • Securing funding and planning to build Seattle’s first integrative mobile medical unit (MMU).

If you’d like to see the event’s powerpoint presentation, you can view it here! 11.8.17 ICO’s Winter Volunteer Appreciation and Informational Event PPT

Until the next time, may we forever be grateful, loving, and driven to build a healthier King County.

Dr. Paul Despres
ICO Executive Director

Dr. Paul is a Naturopathic Physician and Executive Director of ICO. He is leading a movement to eliminate barriers to holistic and integrative medicine by bringing a new model of community-centered healthcare to the underserved of King County, WA.